SCAN Publications etc
Speech 25 September 2023: SCAN public forum support for Dunedin City Council Adoption of Draft Net Zero Carbon Plan PDF

Podcast 29 August 2023: Local Food Resilience  Sue Novell interviewed by Jeff Harford of OAR FM Link

Newspaper Article 24 August 2023: Local Food Resilience During Tougher Times by Brenda Harwood, Otago Daily Times Link

Newspaper Article 27 May 2023:
Climate Concerns Get Airing by Tim Scott Link  

Speech 26 May 2023: Aotearoa Climate Strike Rally in Dunedin PDF

Newsletter 8 November 2022 PDF

Newsletter 9 July 2022  PDF

Email to Government 23 May 2022: Request for energy modelling PDF

Report 27 December 2021: Thriving Within Planetary Boundaries - Net Zero Emissions By 2030 - based on SCAN's revised submission to the Ministry for the Environment and SCAN's video

Report 5 October 2021: Thriving Within Planetary Boundaries: A Framework For NZ/Aotearoa - Net Zero Emissions by 2030 PDF

Newsletter September 2021 

Newspaper Article 10 June 2021: Raising Climate Change Awareness  by Brenda Harwood Link

Brochure 2020: Climate Change and Election Issue PDF

Newsletter 10 August 2020 PDF

Report May/June 2020: Post COVID Transition PDF

Open Letter to Government 11 February 2020: The Need to Rescind All Permits to Drill Offshore and Mine for Additional Fossil Fuels and the Need to Develop Additional Renewable Energy and Allied Infrastructure  PDF

Newsletter 11 December 2018 PDF

Future Living Dunedin Festival July 2018: Feedback from Groups ZIP

Brochure 21 October 2017: About Seniors Climate Action Network PDF

Newspaper Article 23 November 2015: Seniors Hold Vigil For Planet Link